Monday, September 23, 2013

Sending HTML reports of JMeter integration test results from Maven

In this post I'll describe how I automated executing integration tests by using JMeter for several environments and sending integration test reports (HTML).

To accomplish this I've used Maven with several plugins;

- jmeter-maven-plugin ( for executing JMeter tests from Maven
- xml-maven-plugin ( for transforming the resulting JTL file to a readable HTML report
- exec-maven-plugin ( for calling scripts
- maven-postman-plugin ( for sending e-mails

I've also used conditional profiles which act on the result from previous build steps to only send a mail in case of errors. In the following post it is described you shouldn't be doing this; ('Using a profile should not result in a different artifact than building without the profile.') but I did it anyway because it seemed useful in this case.

I encountered several challenges which I will describe in this post and how I fixed them. The sample code can be downloaded here;

Friday, September 6, 2013

Inform the DBA if Weblogic can't connect to a database. Automated by using Jenkins, Maven and WLST.

As described in a previous post (, by using a WLST script it is possible to check if a Weblogic server can connect to all databases which are configured in datasources. In this post I'll describe how this script can be used in Jenkins to automatically inform the DBA to fix their database issues. The focus will be on the left part of the below image.
The SSHExec Ant task is used to connect to a Linux/Unix machine where the Weblogic server is running. The SSHExec Ant task then executes the WLST script which checks datasource/database availability (for every managed server). To call the task with different parameters for the different environments, Maven profiles are used in a wrapper POM file. This POM is then called by using the Maven invoker plugin for every profile. In order to not make the build fail on the first database which is down, the log file in Jenkins is parsed afterwards using the Logparser plugin (

The Maven project, script and log parsing rules can be downloaded here;